DTD for Digitized Periodicals - DTD pro digitalizovaná periodika

Version 1.0

<!DOCTYPE Periodical PUBLIC "-//NK CR//DTD for Digitized Periodical Metadata 1.0//EN"



Documentation and explanation in HTML - in DOC

XML Schema Documentation of the Periodical in HTML - in DOC

W3C Schema Periodical.xsd

DTD can be referred to or read from the URL http://digit.nkp.cz/DigitizedPeriodicals/DTD/1.00/Periodical.dtd (ne ve webovském prohlížeči/not in web browser)

All parts of the DTD + Periodical.xsd in a zip file (všechny části DTD + Periodical.xsd v zip souboru)

Vocabulary (names of elements, roles, and types + Czech and English equivalents for display) in XLS


Last modifications/Poslední modifikace: 30 July 2003 - 30. července 2003; 16:49

History of modifications/Historie změn:

                Verze 1.01 - Version 1.01  


30 July 2003


Version 1.00 - Basically accepted version for development of the Kramerius Access Application

Verze 1.00 - Základně akceptovaná verze pro vývoj aplikace Kramerius pro přístup k digitalizovaným periodikům


16 July 2003


·        Changed structure of the elements PageRepresentation and ItemRepresentation into:

<!ELEMENT ItemRepresentation ((ItemImage | ItemText), TechnicalDescription?)>

<!ELEMENT PageRepresentation ((PageImage | PageText), TechnicalDescription?)>


14 July 2003


·        removed attribute Id from the Attribution Lists to the elements ItemImage, ItemText, Page Image, and PageText


11 July 2003


·        Element Periodicity made repeatable (Periodicity*)

·        Element Title enabled only 0 or 1 occurrence (Title?)

§         Element MainTitle made mandatory and repeatable with non-mandatory elements SubTitle and  ParallelTitle (MainTitle, SubTitle?, ParallelTitle?)+

§         Elements SortingTitle, KeyTitle, and Coden allowed max. one occurrence (SortingTitle?, KeyTitle?, Coden?)

§         The whole Title group is now written like this:

<!ELEMENT Title ((MainTitle, SubTitle?, ParallelTitle?)+, SortingTitle?, KeyTitle?, Coden?)>

<!ELEMENT MainTitle (#PCDATA)>


<!ELEMENT ParallelTitle (#PCDATA)>

<!ELEMENT SortingTitle (#PCDATA)>



(The reason for changes is a better adjustement to the metadata already input in the old structures)


    3 July 2003


·        Element UniqueIdentifier made again not mandatory (if it appears, the UniqueIdentifierSICIType is mandatory) on any level it is defined for (unable to generate it from data available for conversion)

30 June 2003

·        Element ISSN made mandatory and made child of Periodical from being child of CoreBibliographicDescriptionPeriodical

·        Element PageNumber made child also of the PeriodicalInternalComponentPart together with PageReference element (this one used for indicating extension of pages on which the part is located)

Added one more Role for the Creator element: EditorInChief  

                    24 June 2003

·        Element UniqueIdentifier made mandatory (will be used on SICI base) on any level it is defined for

·        Element Accessibility no longer mandatory

·        Element ShelfNumber made mandatory and repeatable with the same occurrence of the PeriodicalOwner element (more shelf-numbers enabled for one library)




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