DTD for full texts

This DTD was created from TEI DTD, version P4. It contains all the basic elements for mark-up of full texts from historical documents, such as medieval and early modern manuscripts.

More information about TEI elements:  http://www.tei-c.org.uk/P4X/CO.html

DTD pro plné texty

DTD vzniklo odvozením z TEI DTD verze P4. Obsahuje všechny základní elementy pro vytváření fulltextů z historických textů, jak přicházejí ve středověkých a raně novověkých rukopisech

Podrobnější informace k jednotlivým elementům TEI na adrese  http://www.tei-c.org.uk/P4X/CO.html

http://digit.nkp.cz/MSSFullText/DTD/1.00/mss-fulltext.dtd (for parsers)

Samples - Příklady

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MS XIII.G.3,70r

MS III.G.28,194r-203r

MS XXIV.A.1.xml

Testing the mss-fulltext.dtd

This DTD was derived by the Pizza Chef from the TEI v. P4. It is intended to be used for transcriptions of historical texts.

The style used to display these texts is mss-fulltext.css. This style should be used by editing for control purposes. These texts will be transformed in the Manuscriptorium system by more sofisticated XSL style. All files are intended to be used in the Manuscriptorium v. 2.0 system. Filenames are pointing to shelf marks of manuscripts (and the extent of folios) in the National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague.


Mgr. Jindrich Marek (Jindrich dot Marek at nkp dot cz, icq 204264526), National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague