DTD Documentation

for description of a museum object in digital environment contains:


1.      Basic Descriptive Model of a Museum Object (in PDF in Czech /sorry/ draft version as of June 2003)

2.      MuseumObject.dtd (direct download or reference for parsers - latest version)

3.      TechnicalRecord.dtd (direct download or reference for parsers - latest version)

4.      MuseumObject.xsd schema and Schema Documentation

5.      Example of a concrete XML file created on basis of the above DTD (all in English)

6.      Sample of a concrete transformation for display of XML file

·       stylesheet MaterialObject.xslt

·       for display see point 5


PowerPoint presentation of the DTD solution held at the CASLIN seminar on the days of 9  - 12 June  2003 (in Czech /sorry/)

<!DOCTYPE MuseumObject PUBLIC "-//NK CR//DTD for Museum Object Metadata 1.0//EN" "http://digit.nkp.cz/MaterialObjects/1.0/DTD/MuseumObject.dtd">


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