Digitization in libraries:

Capturing, structuring, providing access/publishing, and preserving digital information


1st Day




  1. Introduction - our digitization programmes as a case study
  2. Analogue and digital:  two complementary worlds and their interdependence, characteristics and differences of representative objects

Data digital image

  1. of which it consists
  2. digital colour and colour depth
  3. how to deliver the digital image using decisive parameters, such as space resolution, colour depth, or most used
  4. compression schemes and their latest developments



2nd Day

Data digital image - continuation

  1. Image formats and their application areas
  2. Summary of utilization of imaging solutions
  3. Image capture devices, their application, and processing of data
  4. Data - audio and video


  1. Objects from libraries, museums, and archives...
  2. Metadata added value
  3. Metadata management
  4. Case analysis - a manuscript

3rd Day

Metadata - continuation

    XML modelling - describing, structuring, providing access

    More XML practical work with special software will be demonstrated

Preservation and access  

    Digital documents and libraries - communication, presentation, and behaviour

    Storage and preservation of digital information  (preservation and access dilemma - solutions - existing problems)

Building digital world from local to universal