Tested samples

To view the tested samples and to manipulate with them, you must be able to work with DjVu files. This is possible thanks to plug-ins installed in your browsers. The below indicated files are compressed losslessly with the JB2 scheme of the DjVu format.

To install the necessary plug-ins, go to the AT&T page to have the newest version.

CCITT samples
  1. Sample no. 1
  2. Sample no. 2
  3. Sample no. 3
  4. Sample no. 4
  5. Sample no. 5
  6. Sample no. 6
  7. Sample no. 7
  8. Sample no. 8
  9. Sample no. 9 (10)
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After installation you simply click on the links and work with the files. When having the DjVu image loaded, you may find interesting to explore the menu displayed after having done the right click on the mouse.