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There are various projects in which especially the Manuscriptorium team has been taking part since 1992. They concern three areas of activities:

Research and development

Since 1997 the participation of both Manuscriptorium and Kramerius teams in RD projects on the national level is regular. In plus, the Manuscriptorium specialists have taken part in several digitization-related international RD projects: MASTER and VICODI in the 4th and 5th Framework Programmes of the European Research and Technology Development, and ECH:TOPICC in the Eureka! programme.

However we have been engaged also in other projects: LIBECON, PULMAN, CALIMERA, TEL-ME-MOR, DPE, etc. in the 4th, 5th, and 6th Framework Programmes.

New starting EU projects with our participation are from 2007 onwards as follows: ENRICH, TELplus, and EDLnet.

Consultations for:


More for international projects of the National Library see

Operation of digitization facilities and production of digital documents

Since 2000 the Manucriptorium (Memoria) and Kramerius digitization programmes are considered national programmes and supported by the Ministry of Culture in the Public Information Services for Libraries programme.

The Manuscriptorium team participated in several UNESCO projects, while the Kramerius team is now starting a large project funded by the Norwegian and EEA Financial Mechanisms related to digitization and safeguarding of acid-paper printed monographs of the 19th century.

Learning and training

The Manuscriptorium team trained more than 200 foreign experts on site, mostly on behalf of the Open Society Fund, in Mongolia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, and Latvia (twice). Ca. 300 Czech librarians attended basic digitization training courses in country.

We participated also in preparation and publication of the FAO/UNESCO Digitization and Digital Libraries Module of the Information Management Resource Kit and a participation UNESCO project (2007) with writing a set of lessons (module) for digitization.

International institutions

The members of the team are active in the following international institutions:

TEL (Adolf Knoll), TEI Consortium (Jindřich Marek), CENL (Adolf Knoll), EROMM (Františka Vrbenská);

in personal capacity:

High Level Expert Group on Digital Libraries at the European Commission and UNESCO Memory of the World Sub-Committee on Technology (both Adolf Knoll),

... and for the rest see