Catalogue of Arabic Manuscripts of the National Library of the Czech Republic with samples in the DjVu graphic format
Thanks to our friends from the Czech e-journal Ikaros, namely Ales Houdek, Kaarolina Jonakova, and Filip Vojtasek, it has been possible to convert high and excellent quality images from the catalogue into the new AT&T DjVu graphic format.

We have incorporated these images into our data structure so that you may compare between the Internet low quality JPEG image (marked as Internet quality) and the DJVU images referenced to as higher quality images.

Before to be able to work with the DJVU format, you must install the DJVU plug-in into your browser. You can dowload the plug-in directly from the DJVU WWW site. The plug-in will make it possible for you to work with the image within your browser (incl. zoom in and zoom out functions).

This WWW publication has been made:

  • to share with you information about the rare Arabic manuscripts;
  • to test the new DJVU format
We hope that you will enjoy this opportunity and that you will let us have your comments

Arabic Manuscripts in DjVu

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8 March 1999 by Adolf Knoll and Kaarolina Jonakova.


3 August 1999